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Engaging and Appealing Ideas for a Technology Essay

Technology is extremely diversified these days, while its effects can be intensively studied from more directions. When writing an essay on technology, options are countless and there is always room for something new. Here are some excellent ideas to conduct your own research and come up with an appealing essay.

Living in a Technological Age – What Does That Mean to Us?

The longterm effects of living in a technological age can be analyzed from several points of view. They can be positive, but they also extend to a negative point. At some point, there is a very thin line between positivity and negativity, so explore that line.

The Worst and Best Impact of Technology Today

How do smartphones, the Internet and social media networks make the world bigger? Or maybe they do it smaller? It depend on how you see the situation, but also on how to properly define the advantages and disadvantages of technology over the modern individual.

10 Ways Technologies Can Change the World

What are the best ways to use technology in the attempt to change the world? Now, options are more diversified because the world is quickly evolving, so it can obviously be changed from a plethora of directions. Plus, if used inappropriately, the technology can “help” in changing it negatively.

The Effect of Digital Tools on Productivity at Work

What are the effects of digital tools at work? According to modern trends, it looks like more and more managers implement digital tools in their working environments. Sure, things might go faster, but what about the employee’s productivity?

The Future of Technology: 20 Years from Now

How will the modern and constantly growing technology change your life in 20 years from now? Have you ever thought about it? Just imagine the technological expansion over the past 10 years. It is amazing, so the future is likely to advance extremely fast.

Kids Today vs Kids 10 Years Ago – What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between today’s kids and the college age students? Are they growing differently these days? What are the differences and how will they reflect over their lifestyles in the future?

Digital vs Traditional Learning: What Is More Effective?

What are the effects of digital learning? More and more schooling institutions seem to ditch the classic pen and notebook. Instead, many courses are digital these days. What are the longterm effects over education then?

The Negative Effect of Technology Evolution

Think about the development of new and innovative technologies. Their development might look like an improvement, but the situation is often different. To what extent is this fast evolution gaining a negative effect?

Does Internet Have to Be Controlled?

The Internet these days is so free that anyone has access to anything. While there are all kinds of control and parenting solution, more and more people start asking themselves whether the Internet needs censorship or specific control. If the answer is positive, what kind of controls would be useful? Who are these controls recommended to?

Positive and Negative Impact of Modern Technologies on World Economy

The implications of constantly growing globalization via technology can tackle the world economy from more directions. Most of these implications have seriously improved with modern technological improvements. Analyzing them can certainly lead to a series of interesting conclusions.

Genetic Testing: Ethical and Legal Issues

Controversies are quite important too. Assuming that at some point people will have genetic tests undergone, who can access such information? Should it be available to employers or health care firms?

The list can go on forever, but these are just some of the most attractive topics to target for an essay.

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