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Prepare for the Age of Personal Chip Identifier


No one can imagine the angst that a parent feels when they realize their child is missing. Whether it is an estranged parent absconding with the children, a predator kidnapping a child, or the child simply disappearing while out, the fear of the unknown must be staggering.

The numbers related to child abduction alone are beyond words. According to Parents magazine,

  • A child is taken in the United States every 40 seconds
  • In 2001, over 840,000 people were reported missing
  • The FBI reports that 85-90 percent of those missing are children
  • 2,000 children are reported missing in America everyday
  • The Modern Solution?

Those numbers seem completely unreal, and are fueling the debate for these personal chip identifiers to be implanted in children upon birth. For parents this becomes the perfect means to be able to quickly locate their child once he or she is missing. No more hoping they will walk through the door one day. This technological innovation has made it so police can go right to the spot where the chip is located and get the child. This will not only help to keep children safe, but should also deter many from taking a child knowing he or she can be so easily tracked. There is a thin line between the so-called feeling of lack of freedom and the actual protection. From many points of view, the kids’ safety is a lot more important.

Aiding the Government to Fight Crime and Terrorism

Each year more than two million people are released from prison to begin some form of probationary period. While many act in accordance with the guidelines of their parole, there are tens of thousands who flee. A taxed probation department is not equipped to keep tabs on and find those who are missing, meaning that many people who have committed serious crimes are free without any kind of supervision. This includes…

  • Rapists
  • Pedophiles
  • Gang Members
  • Arsonists
  • Drug Dealers
  • Murderers

Implanting a chip into those who are released from prison will instantly allow the officials to be able to track down those who are missing, and to know their whereabouts at all times.

This is not the only benefit. Those who enter a country and may be a concern to the government can also be better tracked. This would decrease the ability of these men and women to commit heinous acts.

Ensuring that Citizens Come Home Safely

Every year thousands of American citizens visit another country never to return. Their family and friends simply never hear from them and spend their lives wondering what happened. The vast majority, especially women, wind up involved in human tracking, forced into the sex trade where they are drugged and raped on a regular basis.


Nothing can be done to assist these people but the chip would change that. The tracker would allow the government to immediately find where a person is at and work with the local authorities to retrieve them.


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