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Effects Of Technology In The Modern Individual’s Lifestyle


When considering the effects of technology over the society, the first thing you have in mind is how it can influence one’s life – especially when you think about the Internet. People use it so often that they become addicted to it. This is not about the fact that plenty of people spend about 10 hours a day in front of their computers, but about general addiction – when people forget about books and living sources of information and choose to rely on the Internet instead. Some of the benefits of Internet are well known, while others take it for a harmful experience. The general idea is to make the difference between technology and drugs.

Effects of Socialization in Technology

Although information seems to be the main function of the Internet, more and more people use it to spend hours while chatting with their friends from other parts of the world. Nothing wrong with that, but then, how do you feel when you get into the lab and the first thing you do is check your favorite social network? You do not have to be antisocial, but at some point, these social networks seem to overcome friends or school colleagues. This is probably the one and only disadvantage of social networks though. It is, indeed, nice to meet new people, but how about going out with the best friends instead? In terms of benefits, the choices are more diversified:

  • Meeting new people
  • Exploring new ideas and opportunities
  • Accessing information
  • Accessing support and resources

Impact of Mobile Telephony

These days, smartphones have taken over regular cellphones. At this point, technology is both a plus and a minus. Whenever you look left and right, you see all kinds of smartphones. They are advanced, indeed, but you can just as well have a conversation on an ancient cellphone too, even if it does not have a touchscreen. For pictures, you can also use a digital camera, which often has a higher resolution. But then, think about it. Can you compare a computer game to a football game with your best friends? Of course, some applications are extremely helpful, but other than that, most money is spent on caprices.

Internet, Between Water and Food

There were several studies performed over the effects of Internet. During one of them, people were asked to live two weeks without Internet. They started to feel weird after a few days. Most of them could not make it to the end, while only a few have managed to complete the study. They agreed that it was an unpleasant experience that they do not want to repeat. The problems of Internet can be tricky:

  • Addiction
  • Harmful malware and malicious scripts
  • Leakage of private information
  • Exposure to harmful content


Addiction and laziness are not among the most significant problems of the Internet, but the actual culture. It is true that you can become familiar with a series of cultures, but not all of them are positive. Due to the possibility of anonymity, plenty of people forget about common sense and safety rules, so they act in the most unusual ways. It seems that more and more people forget about culture and embrace illiteracy.


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